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What a day.
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Made it another year.
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Less than 12 hours now.
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I missed the flight.

Everything else has sort of gone to hell, too.
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I have no idea why I booked an 8am flight for tomorrow.

I have to be in the city by 7am tomorrow. It's the first time I'm really at risk of missing a flight, since I've gotten used to not paying any attention to my alarm anymore. Why are you posting on your livejournal, I hear you ask. Shouldn't you be sleeping? Probably, but it's fairly important I say here what I have to say tonight.

In a day and a quarter, it's going to be my birthday. I'll be 24.

And for the first time in eight years, when I update my annual journal, I won't have any access to my computer, and it's unlikely I'll even get access to a computer in the type of environment I'm usually in - or possibly not at all.

It doesn't sound like much, but it's important. I only get one chance a year to make an entry. I don't go back and make edits. It needs to be exactly the way I intend it.

You would have thought if getting older had taught me anything, it's that not everything needs to be planned, things that aren't planned don't always turn out imperfect, and even imperfection is not as uncommon - or as bad - as you'd think.

I go for change when I know it's going to be good, and avoid it when I know it's going to be bad. When I'm uncertain, I'll usually go with it, just for kicks. Even still, when I gamble, I prefer taking the low risk/low return road for the better odds.

No better day to do something different, I suppose. I just prefer making the choices.
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Today, my livejournal turns 5 years old!

Starting from my very first post, anyway.

Never mind that it was actually created in February 2002. My posts make up what my LJ is, not its actual creation date. I could delve into the philosophies of that like I usually do with most of the junk in this journal, but... I won't.

I'd like to celebrate by making five goddamn posts in one night, all with different tags!
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This meme stolen via [livejournal.com profile] disportraited

1st: Family party with my putting my face into the cake. I might write up a post about this one later.
2nd - 3rd: No idea.
4th: Nothing special, but I remember waking up, walking to the kitchen and triumphantly announcing to my dad "I'm 4!"
5th: What's this, 1st grade? Not sure, but I remember it being crap compared to everyone else's, which led to...
6th: Half the class came over for a big party, which I had my own ideas about, but Mum ended up giving an italian class to.
7th: Party at McDonalds with about 6 buddies, including Gary. Not bad, but a bit overrated.
8th: Don't remember. Would've done something with some buddies from school.
9th: Had a small party, but I got upset over something. Don't remember what.
10th - 12th: Don't really remember. Did something.
13th: 8th grade. I think I did something with Tim, but don't really remember.
14th - 17th: I'm pretty sure nothing happened on these ones and I didn't mind at all. School was busying up everything.
18th: That magic age where everything is supposed to change. Nothing felt different, and the whole thing was pretty depressing. Opened my eyes up a lot, which was good - glad I didn't end up doing anything.
19th: I remember something happening, but I don't remember what. It was small though - 19 being smack bang in between the milestones.
20th: Matty and mine's 20th at the Kennedy Tce house. So so cool. Plans didn't go as far as I wanted them to, but that was okay.
21st: Matty and mine's 21st at the Kennedy Tce house. Even better than the year before, with a lot more people and far too much pizza. A lot more planning went into this one, and it paid off - even though we had to keep reverting to Plan B.
22nd: I considered another joint party with Matty, but opted for a quiet one (since I hadn't had one for 3 years). Work made a huge deal of it though.
23rd: Again work made a big deal of it, more embarrassingly this time, and shortly after they decided it would be okay if you didn't want anything big done for your birthday.

My memory sucks. It's really odd if I didn't do anything as I don't think I did, because that really doesn't explain why I make such a big deal out of birthdays these days.
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It's that time of year that becomes surreal. This year, more surreal than usual. Tomorrow I'm the big one: 2, 3.

I was even going to go to bed early so I can visit the ol' Gloria Jeans guys, which I haven't done since work moved to the city, three months ago. I'm not good like that. I'm sentimental. I feel no real urge, I just go when the opportunities let me. You could call it selfish; that's really what it is. I promised I'd visit, but history shows that I'm just not that good at keeping promises I really want to keep.

For some reason, people were making quite a bigger deal than usual out of tomorrow being my birthday than they usually do. I don't talk about it that much, nor do I talk about how much importance I hold to it. Yet everyone seemed to have something to say. It may as well have been today. But it's not. Not for another hour and a half.

Every year I usually treat myself to something I really want and can't afford. This year it was tough. Either a $700 super comfy chair - one of those ones you lie back on, or the December Queensland trip. Probably both, but I'd probably be seriously culling my finances. But what good is money when you don't spend it, right? Let's not forget I'm still trying to get a car, which I'm sure won't happen for a good 10-20 years, at least. At this rate, anyhow. Regardless, I'm buzzing about the trip. I want it worked out by this weekend.

It's come to my rather recent attention that I'm far more reliant on work than I'd like to be these days. Not just in money and time, but they're largely some of the people I know better than most at the moment, or so I like to think. I don't really know what I expected, and while this is where I wanted to be at some point, I'm feeling a bit stuck. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing. What I do know is that I'd much rather have more freedom than I have right now.

And I don't care that I already am ridiculously free. I'm selfish as hell and it's just not enough.

It didn't seem like that long ago that I turned 21, or even 18. 18 was an interesting year, and an interesting day on July 29th, 2000. There was only one time I've felt more depressed than that day that I can remember - on Magnetic Island. 18, however, was the day that I felt so incredibly cynical. I was finally officially free, and yet still felt like I was trapped. No job, addicted to UO, constant arguing with the rest of the family, and very little direction - especially just after dropping out of uni and deciding that the future I planned on was never going to eventuate.

It's funny how things turn out. But then, even if it is better, is it still what I want? I could keep doing this forever. After it's all, it's only something different. Not really better. It doesn't get better.

I'm not feeling depressed. I'm largely in control of my life. It's only the steering that I want to get under better control, because I'm not doing a great job of that. Even if it just to stop waiting for the excuse of an opportunity to meet up with some people that I promised to visit. Even if it is to travel the country, to visit my hometown and make my pilgrimage.

The only difference? Making it feel natural and making it feel artificial. Sometimes all you need is the right time.
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God, I'm turning 23 this week. And you know what, what I'm doing just isn't working for me anymore.

My weekend consisted of not leaving the house to play WoW. Not much else. Lost in my own little world with the few hundred people I saw along the way in Azeroth. It's an exciting world. Mountains, magic, forests, leatherworking, taming, and even a bit of toot-toot training and questing with other people. It's fun.

But it's all just a game. It's a fictional world. All that's really happening is that I'm sitting at my chair, my fingers a bit sore on my mouse, staring at a screen with my eyes going unnoticably bloodshot until I go to the bathroom and take a look in the mirror.

Someone pointed out to me that the Big Brother eviction was on. I jumped to the ground to turn on the TV, eager to see if and how Gretel would torture the evictees much like she did with Glen and Dean (the only other two I've seen), putting them on the spot and embarrassing the hell out of them. She's only telling the truth, and most of what they talk about is stuff you should be able to talk about after seeing some of the hardcore antics that go on in the house.

Rita's reactions were interesting. Anyone who watches knows she talks far too much. I loved the way Christie said her one liner of not being able to stand Rita in the diary room. But during her interview with Gretel, she mentioned that she's just super positive and she can't stop talking because that's who she is, despite the fact that the world hates it. Fair enough and very noble, but how can you not consider anyone else's feelings with what you do? Did she love who she was that much that she had absolutely no desire to change even though she was upsetting everyone?

And then another thought occured to me. The fact that she wouldn't change/didn't care what people thought was only triggered by her hardcore positivity. And it works the other way around. If you plan to change/care what people think, it's only because you think negatively about a part of yourself. Or in other words, you need to feel negative to consider other people's feelings. Unless of course, everything is perfect. But don't fool yourself. Life is not perfect. It's not disaster either, but we'd do well to remember not everything is always fun and flowers.

Later I went out to the laundromat. Just before I left, I did get a look at the mirror and wasn't wholly impressed with what I saw. Outside, I looked around and thought about what the hell I was doing. Another year is about to go by and I'm playing games. Yeah, it's fun, but this isn't what I really want. I want to be more active, but I don't know how to do it. I tried gym and that didn't really work for me - at least not without some sort of support for it. Either way, that wouldn't satisfy me. My life is not enough to just be going to work, coming home to play games, and going to gym or DDRing for exercise.

Outside, it occured to me I'm in fucking Melbourne. I'm largely on my own and I can do whatever the hell I want. The major thing stopping me is work.

All of my best times with friends I had at the time were there because I had a lot of time to spend with them. Not much more mattered, except for the circumstances we met under. School. UO. The internet. It doesn't matter. But work wasn't really part of it, and only then because I tend to be a very different person at work and I'm comfortable that way. Suddenly the purpose of getting a hobby is a whole lot clearer to me. I can do anything and I have very few limitations.

One of the [many] biggest limitations in the past was how much I relied on other people. I've well proven that that isn't a pre-requisite for me anymore, although I can still manage just as well as ever when I am around people. Last week, I got some of the best advice I have ever heard just when I needed to hear it. The major reason why I hold back from posting is because I still cared about the people who I was so hurt by.

I hadn't let go and I didn't even realise it. Time is just going so fast. It doesn't feel like I've been on my own for the past year and a quarter. [livejournal.com profile] brutal_honesty has taught me more than I expected about how it's not always cool to keep things to yourself. And I will be damned if I keep doing that. It might not happen straight away, but I'm sick to death of holding back to what I want to say.

I've got so much of what I want. But it's not enough. I want more. And now I think I know how I'm going to start, for a change. Tomorrow I'm going to go to work again for a new week, and damn I hope I don't forget this when I wake up tomorrow morning.
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So. In just over under three hours, I'll be 22. I like my birthday being in the middle of the year. It's a good halfway point for me to sort out where I am so far.

Tomorrow, a thursday, I'll go into work and my desk will be decorated by streamers and balloons and all that funky stuff, like they do on everyone's birthday. To be honest, I'm getting a little tired of doing the same thing each time. But something's different this time.

Everyone's been going around the office reminding me that it's my birthday "in a couple of days", or "tomorrow", jokingly. They know everyone's reminded me, but it's not a copout. Coincidentally, three of the girls from Brisbane are in Melbourne for today and the next couple of days, as well as one I know from Adelaide. I almost forgot they were here until I saw one of them out the front as I left work.

As of tomorrow, it'll be four months exactly since I started here. I feel as established as I'm going to be. I still don't know many people, and that might change, but not anymore than they would unless I'd have been actively trying to do more.

I've gotten back into UO, quite strongly. I'm playing again, and I've realised that now since I have a job and never have any homework or too much of a social life, I'm free to keep playing it with little to no damage on my life like it had before. As adventurous as I am these days - and as I still feel - it won't be hard for me to set a macro going to increase my skills while I go out and do whatever I want, and not expect withdrawl symptoms. I don't mind going to work, and I still hurry home.

I hurry home, with purpose. And I feel better about myself.

Don't get me wrong, either. If I had cause to do something else, I'd be doing it. There's a few places I wouldn't mind checking out, but not on my own. I can invite others to come with me, but frankly, I'm either too lazy, I'm too busy, or I'm too impatient. It's so hard for me to find people who like the same things that I do that usually I don't even bother trying.

It makes keeping a long term relationship with anyone very difficult. It does happen occasionally, but not often. It's not for lack of trying. It's for lack of potential. As least as far as I can see.

Since the enlightenment in '99, I've lost a lot of faith in people. From the select few I still know, I've learnt a lot of good things too, which I can't really put in words appropriately, at least not right now.

I have to wonder how many people out there just don't realise that just how often there are no answers. You can fight for what's right forever, even if it's the same thing. The fact is, there are too many differences of opinion out there. Even the simplest person can have more power than a president, given the right circumstances. Given enough virtue. A hero can be made, and then that heroes' principles can be usurped to the point where they are treated as something that was never originally intended for them.

In the end, just like a fool uses stupidity to perfect himself, it's time that wins in the end, not the hero. At best, the hero did what he could, made something, and needs to hope that was enough. At least for the time being.

Let me be specific. I'm more sure of myself now. More sure that, what I do for other people, I do - not because of what I can potentially gain from it, but of what I know they can potentially gain for it. And that's all. I wasn't sure before, but I believe that now. It's a great thing when you find a way to really believe in yourself.

Happy birthday, Tony.
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Today was Jimmy's birthday. His 30th birthday. Unsurprisingly, it wasn't anything like Peter's 30th. This time, it was only the four of us. Jimmy, Mum, Dad and me. A humble lunch and cake.

I must say, it did have some very humourous points. Aside from the usual hijinx of Dad and me having our regular sarcasm fights, with Jimmy throwing in a comment every now and then (yes, it's become routine fighting now, and everyone knows what to expect). When Mum brought the cake out, I asked if we had candles. She pointed me over, and I picked up the packet, marked "24 BIRTHDAY CANDLES"

"Uhhh.. you bought 24 candles for a 30 year old? What the hell?" I was trying in vain to hold back my laughter.
"No, actually they were from your party."

Real uplifting, Mum.

So okay, we were using three candles instead of 30, I managed to light two of them fine, but the third one was in a position where I had to get up to move (which I wasn't doing), and I repeatedly almost burned myself. Jimmy thought this was great, Dad started yelling at me, and I tried again a few different ways, but after the second time, it became clear to me that my arm wasn't going to twist that way without me actually getting up. A bit of wax dripped over the whole cake top before we got that third candle lit.

Then we sat down. Mum kept trying to sing happy birthday, but in the awkwardness of the moment, kept coming out with "For he's a jolly good fellow". She kept laughing at the first line, being the only one singing while Dad and I just looked at her; Jimmy telling her she was singing the wrong song. She tried singing the same song twice when nobody was ready. It was embarrassingly awkward for everyone and, being family, immensely funny.

The stupidity of the whole thing got to the point where Mum and I were in absolute fits of laughing, and I myself had to leave the table to lie down, my stomach was kicking itself the more I laughed. I managed to control myself, and we did the whole thing, and for a change, the cake wasn't half bad.

Jimmy wasn't trying to keep his spirits up. He'd pop in a line every now and then that would be funny because of sheer family stupidity, but he was noticably not making the most out of it. For his 30th birthday, this was his milestone. A lunch with his family in their home. We even had italian music playing at one point. I got Mum to turn it off, and Jimmy said he'd prefer the silence than to go to the effort of finding something else. Any other time I would have argued, but not on his birthday.

It was depressing. I don't really know how he was handling it. He went for a nap straight after a bit of chitchat to me in the lounge room. He wasn't really up for doing anything. By thirty, most people want to know they're at least part way to being somewhere they really want to be. I don't think he is.

In the past I haven't talked about Jimmy in the most flattering ways. He's been an asshole to me sometimes, but I don't think he's usually aware of it. When I was growing up, he helped me out a lot. I didn't do well socially in primary school, and it's thanks to him I managed to regain my confidence when I entered high school. Nobody noticed until I got back to Mackay after my year of absence in Brisbane in 1995. He was the first to show me around the clubs and the casino when I turned 18.

As much of a pain he might be sometimes, he deserved better than this. I didn't do much, but I think he felt like I was doing too much as it was, being his little brother, nine years younger. I hope I don't end up there when I'm his age. For my part, I guess that's more motivation to press on. For his part, I guess that's something else he's helped me with.
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Like last year, setting up became really disorganised and we ended up running all over Brisbane, albeit not as far, to get everything we needed. We had twice as many people helping to set up which I am so very grateful for. Like last year, we were busy setting up right up until just after the first guests arrived. As much work as it was, last night was unbelievable. Where to begin.

The number of people coming was pretty overwhelming. We may not have reached our top limit as we had planned for, but it sure felt like it. It wasn't overcrowded, but we wouldn't want it any more crowded than it was. The second thing you'd notice after seeing how many people were there, was exactly who was there. People from quite a few different groups were there, all in the one spot, socialising. Quite a few of these people usually don't get on with other people. Like most parties, everything's dropped for the sake of everyone going there to enjoy themselves. There was only two reasons people went to this party at all. Either someone else wanted them to come, or they came for a good time.

When it came time to make my speech, I had something in mind for everyone, and almost none of it came out like I wanted. I was nervous enough and emotional enough to be forgetting people less than a minute after I'd already mentioned their name, and I wrapped it up as best I could. I was really quite surprised at how the whole speech thing turned out; I was really impressed with what they talked about.

At one point, Paul led me outside for a present which I absolutely had to take a look at now. Okay. I walk outside, and Paul starts talking like a game show host introducing the present. I turn around, Tam brings up a camera, starts doing a movie. There, next to him, is Bubbles. I was in total shock. I didn't know what the story was, nobody was telling me anything, Tam was standing there making a movie of the whole thing and not saying anything, Bubbles was laughing her head off at my reaction, and I'm left wondering how. I took her inside to make sure everyone saw our new (and funnily enough, who we were always planning for) special guest. I couldn't get over it the whole night.

The week before the party, people had started asking me what I wanted for a present. The best answer I could tell anyone was that sometimes presents that don't cost anything are the best. Symbolism and novelty both tend to work well. Nobody seemed to notice this was an incredibly general answer, as I had planned. They had all stopped asking me about it after that. Some of the presents I got were pretty damn well thought out. And I have enough nutella to last me for the next eight or so months, praise be the virtues.

It was a great party. Eventually it wrapped up, a little bit noiser than last year, but in much the same style. Everyone sounded like they enjoyed it. Those of us who stayed the night had the most uncomfortable sleep of our lives. I remember waking up and not being able to move my arm because it was in so much pain having it be in between my body and the floor.

Today we cleaned up. Again with six people, it made the job so much easier. I spent all day there, saving time only for going to pancakes tonight to see Bubbles once more before she left, and to take Rohan up on his gift of a free meal. Went replaying afterwards of course, and had a game of DDR on my own. Bubbles watched me for a bit then went back to watch Tam and Icey on MvC2. I finished my game, took a quick glance at the few people watching me in case they were people I knew, they weren't, and I kept going. Bubbles soon realised her handbag was missing, and we turned back to look for it, but it was gone. The cameras showed who did it, and we took it to the police station.

Not happy Jan.

We kind've split up, and eventually Tam found the handbag with what they left. Obviously, they took the most valuable stuff. It helped, but not much. The only thing that I liked about the whole thing was that I looked this guy directly in the eye just before they did it. I know what they look like. All I wanted was for them to return it and no harm done. I didn't care to press charges, I just wanted the stuff back. This little act of petty theft was really doing a decent job of overshadowing everything that happened involving a lot of people, especially Bubbles, Paul and myself. For now, there's nothing we can do. Make the best of things and move on. Just like always, right?

I'm not letting it overshadow anything. The night was great for everyone involved. That had to matter, and they couldn't destroy that. I just hope the look on my face was worth it.
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First thing I did today was woke up far too early for my liking then went to work. I knew what the day entailed, but I wasn't too worried. I'd worry later. I went to work for the next four hours to get it over and done with. After work I bought some more party food, sent Matty a quick SMS (which he apparently didn't receive) about the update and walked swifly to my car. There was more work to do. 2.30pm.

I went home and jumped online. I logged onto IRC, the usual crowd plus a few more were there. I was a little tired from work and was already mentally planning my afternoon. There was cleaning up to do, but the more I thought about it, the more I realised there wasn't much to do. The house was kind've in a mess, but I really only use the computer room and my bedroom - the two rooms I wasn't planning on using for the party. There was a bit of a mess in the living room. Eventually I got up and cleaned that a little, and took the garbage out. That took me about fifteen minutes, max. I found myself coming back to the computer several times.

I talked to Matty a bit, informing him that I was doing music, and the rest would have to be done when we had more supplies and I had more help at my house. I loaded up winamp, cleared my playlist and went to work handpicking song by song whatever I thought would work as party music. All up that took me around an hour or two - I was also trying to take requests from people on IRC as well as trying to organise everyone getting there. Minkus n Manda had to pull out at the last minute because of a little glitch with getting them back home.

I picked up Kates tonight so we could have some more time to prepare earlier the next day - we were getting up late as it was. Matty was due to arrive at 12.30pm, and we had a lot to do. I wish I'd started today putting decorations up today, but we still needed more supplies and I anticipated the cleaning up of the house to last longer. Today was generally more mind bending than physically straining.
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Well, well, well. Today has been a very big day.

Kate and I woke up at the usual time of 12.30pm and jumped online to check up on IRC, noting that we had to be gone by 1.30pm. I had planned to be picking up Matty in the city at the same time to make plans for the big party. We headed back to Raymont first, then into the city. Kate headed to uni, Matty and I headed to my place to plan what was going to happen.

We talked for about two or three hours looking at the guest list, shopping list, and other essentials. Music, decorations and what was going to happen when where and how was all looked at. We want people to really enjoy themselves on friday night, and from what we talked about, it was sounding good. After too much talking, I picked up the yellow pages and looked up party supplies. I said let's go and off we went to woollongabba. It was about 4.30 at this point, and yes, peak hour traffic had already started.

Driving there was quite an experience. It occured to me as I was driving there that I didn't even remember the name of the place, only the address. So we were peeling our eyes looking for a tiny 500 on one of the shops in Vulture St. After some stoopid driving and almost hitting a car behind me for trying to turn right at 70k/h into a sidestreet once I realised we'd gone too far, we eventually got there and found they didn't have much of what we wanted. We got some of the basics, and figured we'd get the rest later. There was some really funky stuff in there like giant helium balloons and jumbo sparklers. I don't want to spoil much, so I'm not going into heavy detail. We left at about 4.45pm.

We went to another party place that we saw just around the block and pulled in, but noticed they were shut. Pity, they looked like they had less kiddy stuff than the other place did. We may decide to go back there on friday. It was getting late, so we headed straight for Coles™ Ashgrove.

We went into the shop as the sun was setting, at about the time we didn't need our sunnies in the car anymore. We picked up a basket, skipped the soft drink section for now, and went to confectionary. We grabbed quite a lot of stuff, and I realised the basket was already full. I went back out to grab a trolley, and we decided to go back to get soft drink. We got a fair amount, as well as some juice for the punch and some chips. As we got to the frozen foods, we were about to skip past those till last when I asked Matty where the shopping list was. He replied underneath everything in the basket (that was fully loaded and still in the trolley). Okay, so we worked off memory. We went through and got a heap of random stuff, onions, sauce, biscuits and the like. We headed back to the frozen food and got 4 or 5 packets of food before we realised we weren't going to be able to make it all and keep it hot. Not to mention that it was really going to kill our budget. The trolley was really loading up, and we were both starting to become quite conscious of just how much this was going to cost us. We went to the checkout and almost started putting things back. The total for food was just over $84. The party supplies so far cost us $38 and we hadn't bought all of either of those yet. At that point we decided this party was going to be on a budget of $100 each, $200 between us. We walked out of the store, and it was now night time.

We went back to my place and put everything away, making some final plans for the night. There was still more we had to work out, but we were exhausted. We still have to ask other people for help and goods and what not, and for the moment there wasn't really much we could do. We were most satisfied with what we had planned so far, and we are both really excited about it.

Matty had no way to get home, so I dropped him home after a quick rewarding visit to KFC for dinner. On the way back, I decided to give Sally a call since I haven't seen her for months because we'd both been too busy with stupid conflicting work schedules. She was free, so I went over and we caught up over the happenings of the last few months. Apparently my hair has grown (??). It's kind've amazing to think about just how much actually has happened over the past few months, even just on IRC.

I'm going to have to update my annual journal very soon. There's a lot to do in preparations for friday. If I actually get my act together tomorrow (laziness should not be an issue this time), tomorrow is cleaning day. I'll be updating again tomorrow night. Stay tuned.
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Cabin crew, prepare for takeoff.

Where do I begin. When I left for sydney I was a little hesitant to leave Brisbane, being the must-change person I like being. My expectations were a little overboard, but I was aware of that, and Sydney didn't turn out being as surreal as people were describing it. By the time I left though, it didn't feel like Just Another Set of Buildings. It felt different. I was there to have fun, and fun did I have.

The first night was funny as. Peter's Playboy-themed 30th birthday party. Being the little brother, it seemed like I had quite a role to play there around a bunch of people I'd never met. Pete was dressed up as Hugh Heffner, all the girls were dressed up as the bunnies, and the guys were all in suits. I had my hair out and let the trench coat do the talking. It was one of the best parties I've ever been to. Complete with streamers hanging from the ceiling, bunny cutouts on the wall (including one over the toilet in the bathroom), mirror ball, appetisers, DJ, dancing, drinks, food and good company, I think this one is worthy of the title. We danced, and danced and danced and danced...

The next morning none of us were half as hungover as we thought we'd be. Since we expected to be, we didn't really have any plans. We did, however, sleep in pretty drastically. I think we woke up around 11am-1pmish (after being woken up) and decided the day had already escaped us. We ended up spending that day lounging around in relaxation, after cleaning up the mess, of course.

Pete took me through the city on day 3. I quickly tried to get my head around where to go, I wanted to be able to navigate the city on my own, especially public transport. The opera house was colossal in size as compared to what I was expecting.

I spent the next few days, including today, wandering around the city mostly, I just didn't feel like getting out that much, even though I was constantly pushing myself to. Today I had planned to walk the harbour bridge and back, but I got to the beginning of it, looked right onto the bridge, left onto the road that would lead me somewhere new, and without much hesitation I turned left after making sure I had a good look at the view. By the way, there's a few things I didn't bring that I really, REALLY should have taken with me.

1. Sunglasses. I left them at home when I was one suburb away, and figured screw them. Bad, bad idea. Not being able to see makes things very difficult when you're sightseeing.
2. Rollerblades. Tam convinced me I wouldn't really need them before I left. I beg to differ.
3. Camera. UGH the views were amazing, the party was amazing, the people were amazing. I have nothing to show for it because I forgot to ask around for a camera.

And now I'm back home. I'm not working tomorrow, but I wasn't expecting to stay home the whole day.
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