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Birthdate:Jul 29
Location:Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
There's rules to every game and exceptions to every rule.
Coincidences happen all the time, but everything happens for a reason.
Sometimes you have to let yourself be naive to find the answers that were always right in front of you.

The Fine Print

Any quotes used may be slightly altered for clarity, but will not be taken out of context.



- What's going on during those magic celebratory days. Sometimes quite a lot, sometimes it's what's in my head.


- Stories of my adventures chasing public transport. More entertaining that you might expect.


- Rarely, I'll draw a comic of something for some reason, which will usually be indicated in the post. Warning: my drawing style is not good.


- Details, to some extent, dreams that might have meant something, enough for me to write it down. I don't this often since I usually think that idea is a load of garbage.


- I'm epileptic. Any posts that have anything to do with my experiences or views involving epilepsy, or anything epilepsy-related.


- Specific things that have been happening in my life. Commonly referred to on blogs as "the more-mundane/routine stuff".


- Horoscopes for the day will be either mentioned or analysed.


- Posts that include pictures or photos.


- If I find something entertaining on the web, here's where you'll find directions to it.


- Funky and annoying things the internet is doing for a bit of time wasting.


- Posts with polls, including ones that don't include an actual LJ poll, but ask a question that warrants answers or discussion.


- Posts that are usually limited to a sentence or two, to quickly talk about something on my mind. Notably, often used for entries where coincidences are worth capturing.


- Quoting either myself, other people (including but not limited to real life, online chat, articles), or famous quotes.


- Certain topics which may be abstract or relevant to something else.


- Posts which touch on the topic of religion (which may not include spirituality, ethics or morality if mentioned inherently - this tag will only apply to the specific definition of the word 'religion').


- Anything to do with Ultima, including but not limited to the virtues, the games, media, related contraversies or reviews.


- Specifically LJ voiceposts. I use Gizmo Project to post these, since I like freebies.
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