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Last night I was reminded why I feel like I belong here.
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Go here. For every year you were in high school, pick a song that was your favourite then, your favourite now, and your worst song of the year.

This is going to be a little tricky for me, because I only started getting into music as a whole during 1995, and probably not the way the rest of you lot did. What makes this especially interesting is that my brothers, 9 and 10 years older than me, had a band when they were 17/18, and I thoroughly enjoyed what they played then.


Favourite then: Total Eclipse Of The Heart » Nicki French
Favourite now: As I Lay Me Down » Sophie B. Hawkins
Worst song of the year: Tough. Dear Mama / Old School » 2Pac


Favourite then: Just A Girl » No Doubt
Favourite now: This Is Your Night » Amber
Worst song of the year: Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix) » Los Del Rio. Really, I don't think one will ever get better.

Favourite then: Coco Jamboo » Mr. President. Still a classic.
Favourite now: Sunny Came Home » Shawn Colvin
Worst song of the year: Really, there's quite a few this year, but Candle In The Wind 1997 » Elton John takes the cake. The Macarena was better. Sweet Jesus, make it stop.

It's worth noting that 1997 is probably the year the Reunion compilation will probably start taking songs from. Some big memories in there.

Favourite then: Ray Of Light » Madonna
Favourite now: Tie between Kiss The Rain » Billie Myers and Show Me Love » Robyn
Worst song of the year: Sex And Candy » Marcy Playground. People kept raving about this song and I tried to like it. I really did. But I had no hope. My eyeballs started to bleed after a little while.

Favourite then: I can spot about 5 I could choose here. But the winner is Iris » Goo Goo Dolls
Favourite now: You'd never guess. From This Moment On » Shania Twain
Worst song of the year: I really want to give this one to Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of...) » Lou Bega, but I have to be fair and give it to the horrendously repetitive No Scrubs » TLC.

Nabbed from [livejournal.com profile] samverick
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Last week there was a blackout here in the evening. I was at my computer. Everything in my apartment went pitch black. It was night time outside, and the lights everywhere were out. My curtains are typically closed, but opening them wouldn't have helped.

I was almost completely unprepared for a blackout, but I did have a torch - which I had to feel around for the batteries that I usually take out to preserve their power. But a few minutes, I had some degree of light. I looked around for some candles, sure that I'd bought some at some point over the past 4 years I've been living here, but I hadn't.

There was only a few things I could do to keep myself occupied. There was sleep, but that wasn't happening, it was still too early. I took the car out to get some more candles from the shops, which a few other people around the place were doing. I had my still-new phone to play with and my iPod Touch, which had a few toys on it, although nothing really interesting. Of course, what I did have was my music.

Really, what would you do in a blackout?

Usually when I manage to drag myself off the computer to do something - which usually happens because I'm forced to, like my computer breaking down - I suddenly feel incredibly productive. Suddenly cleaning the house or the dishes or the clothes takes absolutely no effort at all. Getting to work on a project, same deal, if I don't need the computer to do it.

I've gotten a lot more interested in playing with candles - for both lighting and scent - since that night. I'd been wanting to try them forever, but for some reason just didn't get around to doing it. I'm talking years.
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I took 3 holidays in the last half of last year. One to Brisbane, one to Adelaide (both about 1000km's away) and one to Dubai (11666km's away).

Honestly, I don't know what I ever liked about flying.
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[Poll #1124329]
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Let's dominate the world with style!
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I know that I don't care for new years resolutions at all, but I need to make one.

I WILL POST MORE. The format for my posts may change to make up for my posting-laziness.
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This has been the most active year I've had while I've been living in Melbourne so far.

Part of that was, ironically, due to the fact that I've wanted to be somewhere else at certain times - and have been held back by the little things. You know. Work, money, time. Things that you would think should be what is affected, instead of what effects everything else.

That's not to say it hasn't been a good year, either. Being where I am physically as well as mentally and emotionally have meant that I've continued to grow in the way I'm always talking about, in that way I find so hard to explain all the time.

I feel more in control of my life. I'm more tolerant to people. I've forgiven myself, and because of that, I've found ways to forgive other people - whether for the long term issues that have subtly held me back for far too long, or for the short term issues that come about everyday. People listen to me more, and I constantly try to make sure I give them good reasons to.

I'm more content.

I don't know what'll happen next year. As usual, I don't like making plans and I don't want to make resolutions, because I'm too used to the idea of change. Especially at a moment's notice. It's just something that's becoming more second nature, and it's something I want to continue to explore.

Someone pointed out to me that my goals on 43 Things seem a bit superficial, and I think they were right. While I'm going to keep them there, the key to finding some newer, more satisfying goals will be to find out what I'm after on a deeper level. That doesn't just go with the simple things, either.

As usual, I won't go into specifics - they're not really relevant right now more than what I've put down here. What's important is that the new year's coming.

And as usual, I'm ready.
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This is what New Year's Eve should feel like.

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God, I've been meaning to post for ages. Okay.

So I had two very simple choices for how I was going to spend New Years Eve this year.

I have about a rough week off work to enjoy during the holiday period. I was thinking of several rough plans, almost all of which involved me travelling to some place. Not real sure if I could afford it, but who cares, it's New Years Eve, right? For those of you who don't know, this is one of only two celebratory days during the year that I really get into - on par with birthdays.

Option 1 was to stay in Melbourne, and find something to do here. I've done that the past two years, and although 2006 was pretty goddamn relaxing and nice, with a nice sunrise to boot, 2007 was dull, rainy, and unrewarding. For 2008, I expected more of the same. Probably with ludicrously hot weather if the next few day's forecast are anything to go by.

Option 2 came about last night, when [livejournal.com profile] binganator and his loverly girlfriend Mel invited me to a shitkicker party in Adelaide. Now, not to mention that I also have rellies in Adelaide I wouldn't mind seeing as a bonus (and only a bonus), it was a pretty good option. Having said that, the problem with this - and any other travelling option - is that I get minimal time to myself to spend over the holiday break.

That doesn't make a great deal of sense, really, because even though I've already chosen option 2 and am flying to Adelaide tomorrow, I get back just after 2008 begins - leaving me with 2 more days before I go back to work for1 day, and then a 2-day weekend before work really starts up again.

In other words, I am whining about going to a kickass party and then having only 4 days off work.

Really, I think I made I right choice here. I'm just bloody tired because I made this decision pretty much today after scrambling to review what exactly I was going to do and who with and where to do it and how much it would cost and where are my fairy lights I don't know, and should I get a car or drive or fly there and how much would it cost and oh my god.

I should post again before 2007 expires.
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I can confirm that all supermarkets in Melbourne are closing at the same time as any other city tonight.

Also, everyone else in the city seemed to have the same idea as me and try to find a supermarket anywhere they possibly could find one still open at 10.30pm.

Damn Christmas :(
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If you haven't heard yet, if you're on iiNet, prepare for free downloads on Christmas Day.
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Review for Windows Vista.

This one is fantastic.

Stolen via [livejournal.com profile] theferrett
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If you ever buy a 16GB iPod Touch like I have, make sure you jailbreak it first. Before you load on all your music that you spent two hours handpicking.
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I've encountered many mystical things in this faraway land.

But you wouldn't believe me if I just told you... )
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Okay. Dubai is pretty cool.

The first few days I was here, I have to admit, I wasn't exceptionally impressed. I have this really bad habit of going to a new place and expecting exciting or spectacular things to jump out at me. It rarely works that way. Even Melbourne didn't do that for me. I expect it even more when I go overseas because, heck, it's overseas!

Anyway, I'd like to keep this part brief.

  • People just don't seem too bright. At first I thought this was a communication thing - I speak pretty quickly in general, but I also know how to slow right down and speak clearly. But sometimes even when you talk like you're talking to a two year old, have repeated yourself at least twice, and have rephrased what you wanted at least once, they sometimes still won't be able to tell you what you're after - even if they do (think they) understand you.
  • The buildings are pretty awesome. Like I said, they weren't that brilliant when I first saw them on Day 1, but to be honest, the more I drive past them, the more I marvel at them. You drive past one and you might be a bit ho-hum, but then you see funky building #2, funky building #3, funky building #10 and so on - that's pretty cool.
  • The drivers appear to have learnt how to drive by spending a few hours on a playstation game. Seriously, that's what one of the tourist guides said under the 'taxi' section, and it's not far off. Driving at 130km/h in a 100 zone, tailgating and regular honking of horns is just another day on the roads of Dubai. Right now as I type this from the 8th floor of my hotel, I just heard a couple of horns go off from the road for about 10 seconds.
  • If you're ever here, go on a Desert Safari tour. I am not just saying that. Go.
  • Despite the fact that this place is regularly 20-30 degree heat - about as hot as Brisbane and less humid - they actually have an indoor snow place where you can ski or snowboard. I've been twice so far, and I want to go again, but I doubt I'll be able to. More on this on a future post.
  • The arcades here are better than Australia. I'm sorry, they are. Three types of DDR (although no actual DDR; Dancing Stage Fusion, Into The Groove and that 5-step-diagonals one that I hate), the regular arcade games you'd normally see, plus a funky new gun game "Too Spicy" that I liked, a new version of House of the Dead 4 where you go inside a room, strap yourself in and get spun around between a screen in front of you and a screen behind you to see behind your character, RIDES including a climbing wall and other funky things I can't really explain that I never thought you could fit inside one of these places.
  • Things are cheaper (such as taxis and food) but some things are also more expensive (such as ipods - AU$600 for an iPod tough 16GB, vs our ~AU$540).

Also, long plane fights blow. A lot. It's a road trip in the air, but you have less space and share it with strangers. The timings of when the food comes is a lot less predictable than you'd expect, especially with the jet lag. If you have epilepsy, don't have a drink. It throws off your balance even more than it usually would, especially if they make your drink stronger than you'd usually take it.

And I get to make that flight again on the way back. Yay! Still, the jet lag won't hit me and I'll have a couple more days to myself when I get back to Melbourne. Strangely, I'm not missing Team Fortress 2!
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This time tomorrow, I'll be over in Dubai, which I've recently found is located in Asia on the European/Asian border (or something, correct me if you've got your facts down better than I have).

This is the first overseas trip I've taken in nine years. It's hard to believe these days, but once upon a time, I was not at all interested in culture and I was not thrilled at the prospect of exploring somewhere new.

The last trip I took was my first visit to Italy. Specifically, Rome, Sicily and Switzerland. My parents planned it right in the middle of one of the more important rehearsals of Rock Eisteddfod, and I wasn't keen on missing out, least of all for a trip to somewhere I didn't particularly care to go. I don't remember what it was exactly that made me go, but the whole holiday was soured for me.

The first problem was the language. I only know a few words in Italian, along the lines of "Bellisimo" and "Mumma Mia!" Conversations with anyone but my immediate family that I was travelling with was interesting, since neither of us could understand each other. The one thing I do remember, which has stuck with me, was that my second cousin's daughter - in grade 1 at the time - was able to sing Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On, in flawless english.

Also, we think that she was cheating at the chess game we tried to play, but we couldn't really tell.

When in Rome, live like the romans, they say. Honestly, I was standing right outside the Colloseum and didn't even know. After my brother pointed it out to me, I had a better look at it, and only saw a stone building that looked like it might fall down. It even had scaffolding set up right next to it. It was hardly the majestic ampitheatre I had - briefly - expected it to be.

There were a lot of mopeds around. Road rules didn't seem to exist. For the few that did exist in Sicily, my dad attempted to teach his three sons that they should be ignored, and happily honked at someone who honked at him for driving in the middle of two lanes.

I don't know what I expected to see in Sicily, but if you want a culture shock, this is the place to be. It's like going back in time. The buildings, the roads, the technology - all seems prehistoric. Seeing people speak an alien language, but understanding each other.

Forget about signs, you can't read them. Forget about TV, unless you like watching pictures.

One of my favourite parts, I have to admit, was finding out that Peter, my brother, was not born in a hospital, but in a house. I think he found out not long before we actually walked in the place. When I say "a house", it's not the typical house with a backyard you're thinking of. It's a building that's connected directly to the next building, has a thin balcony with a clothesline on it, and there's no such thing as carpets.

We were served 5 course meals, dredged on by relatives who were absolutely insistent we should eat more. I think it was appetisers, entrees, main meal, healthy dessert, junk-food dessert. My other brother, Jimmy, who can't say no, put on 15kg's in one week. Before this, he had been skinny all his life. I am not joking.

On the way home, we almost missed our flight. When we got back to Mackay, I had one hour to get ready and be at school for the next rehearsal.

My Dad has organised this holiday; he's paying for it, which is why I'm going, and he's done about as much planning as I'd expected him to. The motto he lives by is that problems cannot arise unless they have arisen, and you shouldn't worry about problems that don't exist.

This time I'm actually wanting to make this trip, I'm keen on seeing this new culture; they even speak my language to some degree. I'm not in high school and I feel far more independent than I did the first time. I've made a point to not find out too much about what Dubai is like before I actually get there.

This time, it should be fun.
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Whoever decided that audio should loop on DVD movie menus, and/or that after the end of a DVD movie it should go back to that DVD menu, should be shot.

The DVD should not be allowed to DEMAND that you wake up when the movie is over if you've fallen asleep.
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Leaving work and having it still be daylight is actually a really good incentive to stop by the gym and not have to deal with the sunlight on the way home.

I think doing two weeks of 9-5's really threw my bodyclock - and my routine - completely off the rockers. I'm back to the late shifts now, and i'm feeling better than I have in a long time.
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I wasted today so well.
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My friends are awesome.

That is all!
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Team Fortress 2 is out, and is currently my addiction.

Some random on steam added me:

Avatar [ٿ]: g'day do I know you
Agony: you killed me in TF2, repeatedly. I just wanna know when you're on so I can exact revenge ;)
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The past day and a bit has been a bit of a runaround. I'm paying by the minute for this entry, so it's just a short one.

I thought that a day would probably be enough to see everything I wanted to see in Mackay, and it was and it wasn't. I spent yesterday preparing and going to one person's wedding and someone else's bucks night. I got to see a fair bit of the city and one of the last two shopping malls here.

I was going to get a photo by the river, but it feels a bit outdated these days. The one I have now (on this entry) was taken at Magnetic Island. I'll probably get another one somewhere else again.

Both the wedding and the bucks night were a blast, and I have a ton of photos I'll be posting to Facebook when I get back to Melbourne tonight.

Speaking of getting back, the ridiculously high priced tickets I bought two weeks ago appear to be business class. The joys of paying top dollar and booking late on an emptyish flight!
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I brought with me for my trip a small selection of my compilations: CD#3, CD#4, CD#7, Past, Present, CD#13, Love, CD#17 and CD#18. I'll come back to this.

When I first arrived in Brisbane, way back in 2000 (7 and a half years ago!), one of the first things I tried to do was organise a skirmish game for the group I was hanging out with at the time - the guys from #computers on Austnet IRC. It was a good group - about 12 people were coming. I was 17 years old by this point.

I kept a little text file on my computer to try and keep track of everyone's availability. It was only ever going to be on a weekend since some people were working weekdays, but some people every now and then had shift work on weekends too. About a month or two later, it became apparent that my organisation of the event had dragged on for so long that everyone, including myself, had actually lost interest. It was just too hard to organise one date for everyone to show up.

Today marks the second-last day, and the last night, of my trip to Brisbane. It's only the second time I've been here since I moved to Melbourne.

On the plane here, the ocean around the coast was glistening. I was really looking forward to staying here for two weeks instead of the one week I came for last time. I thought I had a better idea of what to expect.

The first few days, everything felt alien to me. Driving around, new places had sprung up, half the city is under construction, and everyone seems to know all of this except me.

It took a few more days after that before I even started up a new text file to keep track of everyone's availability, realising that I couldn't keep track of all this in my head. There was at least one day during the trip where I'd double booked, and it resulted in me being really way too late for [livejournal.com profile] turtledove's birthday outing.

A few more days, and driving around Brisbane felt like riding a bike again. The more I let my instincts take over my thought processes, the less I got lost.

I had intended on going to a few very specific places that I'd missed last time, or even that I'd missed before I left. Dreamworld, Mt Coot-tha, Kangaroo Point. I got to the latter two tonight, simply because time had run out. Either way, it felt like the most appropriate time, even if I was going on my own.

The division among the old groups staggers me. When I asked the reasons why, I heard all kinds of excuses. Relationships getting in the way? Old grudges? Too lazy to organise or stay in touch? Growing up?? I don't get it; how did that happen? People drift for a reason, and you can almost always put it down to a very specific reason - even if it doesn't come back to one singular event. But to say that people "move on" out of friendships just for the sake of it doesn't add up with me. Not after having been the way we were.

Change is a good thing. And there's always going to be new people coming into these groups. But there's no point changing when things are better the way they are. If there was any reason at all for how this happened, it completely flew by me.

On that drive I went for tonight, I figured out there was actually one CD compilation I'd neglected to listen to, despite the fact that I'd played some of the others several times. The one I missed was the most obvious choice for any drive I could have taken on this trip - Past.
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When I first started using Facebook a few weeks ago, I gave a tiny paragraph to how cool Facebook was. When I wrote that, I clearly didn't know what I was in for.

First off, let me digress a little bit and compare it to Myspace.

It's not like Myspace. At all. Myspace is awful. Really bad. People say it's better for music. Yeah, maybe, but that's sort of like saying that you would prefer walking on a path of hot coals barefoot that is laced with mines that could go off at any step because there's a bar of chocolate at the end of that path - as opposed to walking down a carpeted scenic hallway with nicely labelled doors that will take you wherever you want to go, but the door labelled "Music" is slightly harder to get into because it looks like all the other doors.

Everyone who has tried Facebook has been converted over.

Nobody even seems to know what the big attraction is. You can add people onto a friends list, like most other things, including Livejournal. You have a minifeed, which is like an LJ friends list. You have a photo album. You can add applications in the same way you can add extensions to Firefox, which is a whole hell of a lot more appealing than you'd think.

But one of the biggest things for me that stands out is how easy it is to network with people, including people you may not have seen in years. For some reason, it seems that Facebook has become the 21st century's ICQ, except ten years on, everyone uses the internet a lot more than they used to.

By yesterday, I'd added most people I know and a few I'd fairly recently lost touch with. Just today, I've found about half my grade from my main school, and recently I've found a few more from my other schools. It's only 11am, and I'm completely blown away.
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There's something I think I didn't notice that I missed while I've been away.

When you go to see a movie at the cinema, a good movie, it can be engrossing enough to take you into that world, into those character's heads. Unless you're trying to figure out the ending from the beginning, it doesn't have to take much to get you there.

If you're watching a movie like The Matrix, it can throw you. I've said more than a few times after playing GTA for too long that I probably shouldn't be driving. The urge to drive up onto the gutter to take a shortcut, or to hit a car because - well, hey, it's no big deal, really - is fairly high.

When you come out of a movie from the cinema, into your car, with some of your best music playing, driving your thoughts further into this new state of mind that has stuck with you after walking out the door of that cinema, it can be a pretty surreal experience.

I don't have any idea why this doesn't happen to me normally, since tonight, for the first time during my trip here, I was on my own when I went to see that movie.
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This girl is so kinky!

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Remember this? Spot the difference.

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Feeling a little bit vulnerable tonight.

And also a little bit invincible.
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Less than 12 hours now.
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This is awesome. Put in your details, but don't bother submitting them. Trust me.


Edit: Okay, there's one fairly easy question if you get lucky. Reload the page if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] andrewducker for this one.
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I just got my tax return.

It's like I've just remembered that all this time I've been holding my breath, and now I've finally exhaled.
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I drink loads of water. Instead of throwing out the caps, I've kept them, and build a pyramid out of them.

I do this because I like to pretend I am a pharaoh.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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After working in corporate and team-based environments for the past 5+ years, even though I've developed my communication/diplomacy skills well, I think that it has sort of split the way I communicate into two sides. One is my regular side, which I commonly use while talking to friends or on the internet. The other side is the business side, which I'll only use when talking to customers or sometimes to colleagues that I'm trying to do work with at the time.

After trying to follow in the footsteps of my brothers who worked in call centres, I noticed the way they communicated - especially over the phone - sounded much more professional, but I didn't understand why; it barely even occurred to me. The way they spoke just had a different feeling behind them, and - I guess this is the best way to explain it - it seemed like they now made more sense than they used to. They got what they wanted, and it made sense to agree with them, even though the types of things they said or plans they made didn't really change.

It's like a separate skill altogether, instead of an improvement on an existing skill. You almost can't try to tell someone that they can't communicate when they can use one form of communication well but not the other. Also, both types overlap on each other, making it even more difficult to pick out the tricky spots that need work.

I'm certainly hooked on the "business" style at work, which is not always a good thing. Anyone who knows me or pays attention well enough here knows that I'm not living for pagers or messaging services. That's all just a means to an end. It doesn't even pay exceptionally well. I continue to do what I'm doing because I treat it as a project. Something with room for a lot of improvement that can make a great business, that I want to contribute to. But work is not everything to me.

While I consider myself a dedicated worker, I only do it to improve my quality of life. I don't want to fuck around and get paid, I want to be good at what I do. I want to go out and talk to people about The Regular Bullshit™. I want to drive to those places that I keep talking about. I want to get back into finding things to do and finding ways to do them.

I'm not going to lose myself trying to help a work project that makes me lose my sense of idealism. I need to find a way to achieve both.
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What's wrong with this picture?

Greg Cabrera <9pnm@yahoo.co.uk> to akmtareque

Hi! I am bored today. I am 25 y.o. girl that would like to chat with you. Email me at ux@anymailonline.info only. Would you mind if I share some of my pictures with you?
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I've driven around a bit now.

I feel like I'm re-learning how to drive again, despite having brief spurts of driving throughout the time I haven't had full access to a car. I've been driving for about four years, and I've had about four years now of not-driving.

Funnily enough, driving in Melbourne, it's not the hook turns that are giving me hassles - they're easy. It's the 8-lane highways which have each direction separated by a tram line, and each set of 4-lanes are divided into two 2-lane sections by a traffic island that occasionally allows a car to switch from section to section. The problem is knowing whether the split in the traffic island is an entrance or an exit, and making sure that when you go through, there's enough room in front AND behind you to make sure oncoming traffic can still pass.

The price of fuel has gone up, but I haven't noticed yet.

On the weekend I discovered two new places - Altona and Williamstown. I've been to the west side of Melbourne maybe twice in the time I've been here. Both of these places actually had train stations near them, and while I'd been meaning to go to Altona to check it out, I never got around to it. Regardless, I wouldn't have been able to see Altona Beach, and I didn't know anything good was at Williamstown - I found it by accident.

Williamstown has the same kind of culture change you feel when you go to Acland St at St Kilda Beach. I didn't even get a really good look, and I think I can still say it looks bloody amazing.

Not to mention actually being able to go to those 24 hour supermarkets for last minute nibblies. That's assuming I don't get to the one near me that closes at midnight. Yes, this is why I haven't moved yet.

And no, no crashes yet. I sort of want to put up a sign somewhere saying "8 days without a crash!"

Just joshin'. Everything's okay.
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Finally, I have a car to drive.
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I can't believe I'm getting tetchy about having to wake up at 7am tomorrow morning instead of 9am like I usually do for a work day. I did this for twelve years straight at one point, for chrissakes!
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What the fuck? Although I can understand the overcomplicated bit. Heehee.

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Also, I did that test on ljArchive, and apparently the most common word on my journal (excluding common words) is "fuckhead", at 1678 times. Followed by "fuck" and "dumb". I don't remember saying those words quite that often.
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While we were discussing some things from the Lost finale, we broke into this little argument after noticing a whole bunch of things ourselves during the episode. Slightly edited.

(12:40 PM) Alice: oh and the name of the funeral parlor is an anagram for "flash forward"
(12:41 PM) Avatar: you didn't work that out yourself
(12:41 PM) Alice: PPS: Hoffs/Drawlar = ''flash-forward.'' If you know what I mean, then...you know what I mean.
(12:41 PM) Alice: no i read about it
(12:41 PM) Alice: lol
(12:41 PM) Avatar: yeah you cheated
(12:41 PM) Alice: and you didn't?
(12:41 PM) Alice: lies
(12:41 PM) Avatar: no
(12:41 PM) Avatar: where did I cheat
(12:41 PM) Alice: sure sure
(12:41 PM) Avatar: you cheated
(12:41 PM) Alice: you didn't know til i told you
(12:41 PM) Alice: not cheating, its called being informed
(12:41 PM) Avatar: yeah but you cheated to tell me
(12:41 PM) Avatar: you cheater
(12:42 PM) Alice: no, i was informed
(12:42 PM) Alice: and you were uninformed
(12:42 PM) Alice: as usual
(12:42 PM) Avatar: I was informed
(12:42 PM) Alice: only by my informing you
(12:42 PM) Avatar: but you cheated
(12:42 PM) Alice: you were uninformed until informed by an informed person
(12:42 PM) Alice: not cheating, was informing myself!
(12:42 PM) Avatar: I was informed but you cheated so you informed me by cheating
(12:43 PM) Alice: you have only just proceeded to inform me that what i am informed is being informed is in fact cheating
(12:43 PM) Avatar: I am informing you that you informing me by informing yourself is a form of cheating
(12:43 PM) Alice: then you shouldntve cheated and shouldve informed yourself so that i didn't have to inform your uninformed self
(12:44 PM) Alice: you cheated by allowing me to inform you, the uninformed
(12:44 PM) Avatar: I didn't cheat, I was informed by a cheater who informed herself by cheating
(12:44 PM) Alice: when you were quite capable of informing yourself and thus bypassing cheating of any kind. im just informing you of that
(12:44 PM) Avatar: I was informed because you informed and that doesn't really make it cheating it's just informing
(12:45 PM) Alice: right. so i wasnt cheating and you were. just to inform you
(12:45 PM) Avatar: for your information, I wasn't cheating because you were informing me, and you were cheating because you weren't informing yourself, you were cheating
(12:45 PM) Alice: i would like to inform you that i was informed by you that how i was informed was in fact cheating but i am informing you now that me being informed was being informed and am informing you it was not cheating of any kind
(12:46 PM) Alice: anyway i will also inform you that i enjoyed ben getting beaten up
(12:46 PM) Alice: that was cool
(12:47 PM) Alice: oh shutup
(12:47 PM) Alice: lol
(12:47 PM) Avatar: but informing me that you were informed by me that I was informing you that you were cheating was the information I was informing you of as you cheated to be informed by being informed by other sources and therefore cheating your way to inform me of your information and therefore you cheated to inform me and I was informed by you
(12:47 PM) Alice: i would like to inform you that i disagree with the above informed statement
(12:48 PM) Avatar: but it is an informed statement
(12:48 PM) Avatar: that I am informing you of
(12:48 PM) Alice: i am making an informed choice to ignore any further mention of the word informed
(12:48 PM) Avatar: ok well you're a cheater
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Holy sweet jesus.
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On the season 1 finale of Heroes.

Major major spoilers )
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You can write to webmaster@livejournal.com with a username, and ask for the account to be set to "memorial". No new entries can be posted, and it'll never be deleted.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] rahaeli for this.
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I plan to get a permanent account in June. Anyone want the remaining ~6 months of my paid time?

Comments are screened - I decide who gets it.
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If you ever want something I'm carrying, just come with me on a train ride. Odds are pretty damn good I will just LEAVE IT THERE.
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Apparently the following message is not effective: “Everyone LOVES sex. I love it. All the other teachers love it. Your older friends love it. We all do it whenever we can because it’s frickin’ GREAT. But you should ignore the burning in your loins.”
--Scott Adams

from here, on his dilbert.com blog.

Couldn't have said it better, and it's not just about sex either.
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This would be the most fun game ever, probably. If you haven't seen Lost, this is really what it's like.

Thanks [livejournal.com profile] andrewducker, from a week ago.
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It's a term we rarely use anymore, usually replaced by "trolling" for the most part, but here's something really interesting I read about flame wars.

"Let me tell you something about flame wars. The undergraduate shit smearing aside, they're serious things and ought to be allowed to continue. They are, consistently, about the most important problems we have. They cost almost nothing in real terms. They are the best street-level forum we have, and if they get violent, well Jesus, they're about important things: of course they're violent. Verbally violent, and in a space where no fistfights, no (or rare) real-life vendettas can break out. What the hell else could you want, for hashing out these things? Examine the serious ones sometime. Look for where they break down, where they get circular, where people get tired and substitute half-remembered propaganda for reality. Look for the people who carry the arguments with consistently strong theses, with real vigor in their thought and understanding.

Forget the insults, the tactlessness, who the hell cares about it, it's not what's important, here. The dialogue. The engagement, the debate, the willingness to engage, and the real argument that drives the threads, that's what's important."

--A. Charles, Deeper: Adventures on the Net
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I can't get this Windows 386 promo video rap out of my head.
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It appears that adding a hotmail account to Outlook is now more difficult than adding a gmail account, where this dialog box doesn't come up to bother and reject you.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

After going to the page in that URL, I don't even know what I'm meant to be subscribing to. I think you actually have to pay for it.
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