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I have to post this somewhere so I can close the window and keep a record. A conversation I started with [livejournal.com profile] turtledove after I had been harrassing him to play Left 4 Dead and between the games he tries to make me play on MSN, he was now playing "Trials 2 Second Edition", whatever that is.

10:30 PM - Avatar [ٿ]: why do you have all the shit games and none of the good ones?
10:30 PM - Turtlator!!!: how do you know what games i have?
10:30 PM - Avatar [ٿ]: I've seen you around

(for those of you not in the know, Steam allows you to see what steam game someone is playing in realtime, if they're playing one)

10:30 PM - Turtlator!!!: pfft, you don't see me playing anything on steam that much
10:31 PM - Avatar [ٿ]: that's a good indicator right there
10:31 PM - Turtlator!!!: what would you know about good games
10:31 PM - Avatar [ٿ]: oh I know everything about good games mr solitaire shodown
10:33 PM - Turtlator!!!: solitaire showdown is one of the best games ever
10:33 PM - Avatar [ٿ]: exactly my point
10:33 PM - Turtlator!!!: just cause you're not that good at it
10:33 PM - Avatar [ٿ]: oh dear

The irony of it was that this morning I checked the list of what steam games he actually has, and apart from Trials 2, he has The Orange Box and the Unreal pack, both of which are well-reknowned great games.
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